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[S6E24] Supply Demand

In Post-Op, a problem arises: the hospital is down to their last box of morphine, and the supply truck is already a half hour late with more. They hope that what little they have will last them through the night, but when Kellye administers it to one of the patients, he has a violent reaction, and the doctors conclude that the patient may have a severe infection, or the morphine they have might be contaminated. Back in Potter's office, they discuss their options; Charles suggests using the morphine, thinking the one soldier's reaction was an isolated incident, but Potter comes up with a different idea, one that he dispenses in secret: giving the patients sugar pills - placebos. Basing the idea on something he saw a doctor give his Aunt when he was a child, he believes that if the doctors can sell it - really sell it - it just might work.

[S6E24] Supply Demand

Back in the Swamp, the tall tales start again, when Charles suggests he dated Audrey Hepburn - the Audrey Hepburn. Hawkeye and B.J. demand proof, which they fully expect Winchester cannot produce. But then Charles puts them in their place when he whips out a picture of himself having dinner with...Audrey Hepburn. Knowing when they're beaten, Hawkeye and B.J. crawl into their cots, while Charles tells them about the time he climbed the Matterhorn. 041b061a72


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