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Cubase 5 64 bit torrent: How to get the best DAW of 2009 on your PC

another new feature of cubase 5 that is a real boon to busy producers is the ability to automatically record your audio and midi sequences to a flash drive, and to then play these back using cubase's built-in 'play' tool. this is possible using cubase's standard cd-rom drive, or you can use any supported usb port, including firewire. the playsamples play back as normal, so you can create, save and share audio, and also sync your sequence, all without leaving your daw. this is particularly useful if you're using a laptop, as you can play back your audio or midi sequence using one program and then continue working in another. to record your sequences to a usb drive, select the 'plug-in' menu, then select the 'add drive' option, and follow the onscreen instructions. you can also use the usb port to connect multiple usb drives, or you can even record to multiple drives at once. you can also use the usb port to connect to a separate audio interface, or you can record using multiple audio interfaces simultaneously.

Cubase 5 64 Bit Torrent