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Download Introduction Mp4

The webinar focused on data downloads offered throughout the ECHO website. During this webinar, we went into depth on how to access, download, and use data for offline analyses. We used case studies to explore data sets and downloads of search results within ECHO, including:

Download Introduction mp4

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 1:30 - 2:30 EDT Presentation: Intro to ECHO Webinar: Behind the Scenes (PDF) (25 pp, 310 K) Recoding: Stream or download the Advanced ECHO: Reports Webinar Exit in MP4 format with closed captioning; note that a registration step is required prior to viewing Verbatim Transcript: Provided with the recording

Date and Time: Tuesday February 15, 2022 1:30 - 2:30 Eastern Standard Time Presentation: Intro to ECHO Webinar: EJScreen Presentation (PDF) (29 pp, 2.93 MB) Recording: Stream or download the Intro to ECHO: EJScreen Webinar Exit in MP4 format with closed captioning; note that a registration step is required prior to viewing Verbatim Transcript: Provided with the recording

Date and Time: April 9, 2019, 1:30-2:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time Presentation: ECHO Behind the Scenes (PDF) (22 pp, 256 K) Recording: Stream the ECHO Behind the Scenes Webinar Exit in MP4 format; note that a registration step is required prior to downloading Verbatim Transcript: ECHO Behind the Scenes Transcript (PDF) (10 pp, 196 K)

The ECHO Biosolids Facility Search is a new feature, available to both government and public users, that integrates Biosolids Annual Report data with other biosolids enforcement and compliance data. It provides access to biosolids-specific permit, inspection, violation, enforcement, and penalty related data to users for the first time in an easy-to-use search tool. The demonstration will highlight navigating the Biosolids Facility Search form, search results, and Biosolids Annual Report data download. Note that this webinar was not recorded.

Building off of the May 3, 2016, introduction to ECHO demonstration, our third spring webinar explored two additional features of the ECHO website. During this webinar, we introduced the data visualization tools called the ECHO EPA/State Dashboards and Comparative Maps.

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In this video, an introduction to the Royal Rangers program is provided, including the components of a weekly meeting, the diversity of activities conducted to provide something for every boy, and the key elements of the program that provide every church with a platform for mentoring boys into Christlike manhood.

The video for the song gives a visual representation of this journey, showing Darassa walking through a dark and desolate landscape as he reflects on his life and all the challenges he has faced. The video also serves as an introduction to his upcoming project, Dead Zone, which is set to drop later this year.

This library contains all of the cutscenes included in Destiny, launched on September 30, 2014, for archival purposes. You can watch streaming versions here, or download copies for personal use. Thanks to Cody Miller for the recording work. These videos are in 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound (depending on version). As new expansions are launched, we'll add new content.

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