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Mature Movies Laidy

Parents need to know that Lady Bird is the directorial debut of popular indie actress Greta Gerwig, who tells a semi-autobiographical story based on the time between when she finished high school and left for college (Saoirse Ronan plays the character based on Gerwig). It's a wonderful, funny, touching, and balanced movie, but only for older teens due to the mature content. Teen characters smoke pot and drink; in one scene, a teen drinks so much that she winds up in the hospital. A teen girl has sex for the first time: She's shown sitting astride her partner, who finishes quickly. Nothing graphic is shown in that scene, but another brief shot includes a quick glimpse of a Playgirl magazine that features photos of fully naked men. Same-sex and opposite-sex teen couples kiss. Language is quite strong, with several uses of "f--k," plus "s--t," "c--t," and "bitch." Violence isn't an issue, but there's a lot of arguing and some brief, spoken violent imagery.