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In it shows my current public IP, while in it shows a random ip from france.Am I infected with malware or did something happen? I have checked with wireshark to see if any packets are sent out to the destination of the france IP but none was found. I am really confused.


Application issue with where an application on this host runs javascript from other domains to gather the IP address. If these other domains are not part of the dedicated IP address setup, there is a risk that the IP address returned is invalid.

The HTTP logs will always return dedicated IP address information for the domains accessed. In the case of, the HTTP logs confirmed that dedicated IP addressing was used even though the IP address returned by the site did not report it correctly. The highlighted logs below indicate the dedicated IP (, as well as the domain, the dedicated application name ( and the NAT gateway the request egressed from (natproxy1).

A website that reports the public Internet address (IP address) of the computer or network from which the request was made. is one of several such websites that show public IP addresses. See IP address. 041b061a72


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