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The Kinks - One More For The Road Live Remaster... [NEW]

When Kinks bio-musical Sunny Afternoon took home the 2015 Olivier Award for Best Musical, it must surely have been a sweet moment for composer-lyricist and band frontman Ray Davies, whose concept albums and rock operas have long bore the hallmarks of strong theatrical storytelling. (He's also written a handful of musicals over the years.) By the time of 1972's Everybody's In Show-Biz, Davies was already pushing the envelope of his quintessentially British sound, incorporating rootsy American country textures, Dixieland horns and even a dash of calypso into The Kinks' heady, heavy rock-and-roll brew. Show-Biz, originally intended as a companion to a never-completed film about the band's life on the road and another example of Davies' conceptual rock writing, has recently been reissued as a 2-CD Legacy Edition by RCA and Legacy Recordings adding an entire disc's worth of previously unheard live tracks, outtakes and alternates. Show-Biz gains even more depth in this beautifully curated presentation.

The Kinks - One More For The Road Live Remaster...

The thirteen live tracks on Disc Two of this new reissue have been culled from the same March 3, 1972 gig as on the original album as well as the concert one evening earlier, on March 2. A few songs are duplicated (though in different performances) while other favorites are added such as early hits "Sunny Afternoon" and "Till the End of the Day," a couple more Muswell tunes ("Have a Cuppa Tea" and "Complicated Life") and a cover of American soul man Don Covay's "Long Tall Shorty." The studio material on the second disc isn't as plentiful, though it certainly is choice. The never-before-released "History" was recorded in London in March 1973, after the release of Everybody's in Show-Biz. The rocker's searching lyric, mentioning Shakespeare and King Arthur among other famous personages, has Ray in first-person mode, walking through a museum as he seeks his history. Davies, in Fricke's notes, reveal that the song could be considered a bridge to The Kinks' Preservation albums and stage project. "Money Talks," from Preservation Act 2, appears in here in an embryonic rehearsal version titled "Sophisticated Lady." The studio outtakes are rounded out with alternates of "Supersonic Rocket Ship" and "Unreal Reality," both of which shed light on Ray's songwriting and arranging process.

True. But Derek And The Dominoes did have two pretty good live albums:In Concert (1973) and Live At The Fillmore (1994). Granted, these albums were put together after D.&D. fell apart; but if I was dropped on a deserted island and could only have 25 live albums I would choose In Concert as one of them.

I would have liked to see the list that the top 25 were chosen from. So many good ones are hardly mentioned. Such as Bonamassa at the Royal Albert Hall, the original Fleetwood Mac live at the Fillmore, Ten Years After Live at the Fillmore and the Concert for Bangladesh.

25 Best is a short list some odd choices for such a list. 50 or 100 a bit more telling. Fond spot for Live Cream (vol2 not bad first one more straight up jamming every song) also Colosseum Live (1971) as well as Grand Funk Railroad Live and Steppenwolf Live. Both Woodstock albums love the rest of the Hendrix on Woodstock 2 as well as Jefferson Airplane. Other worthy adds already noted CSN&Y 4 Way Street, Hendrix Band Of Gypsies, The Band Rock Of Ages, Zappa Live Filmore East, Genesis Live (1973). No one mentioned King Crimson Earthbound though bootleggy in quality interesting period for that band. Pretty clear a larger list would include many of the other highlights as noted by others too. Good opportunity to cogitate on the history of rock. Jeez and what about a classic bootleg list Led Zeppelin Live On Blueberry Hill and of course the original Great White Wonder.

No Live Bullet by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band , No Frampton Comes Alive, No REO Speedwagon Live, No Grand Funk Railroad Live, No Wings over America, No Eagles Live, Wow you have to be kidding ?

Just a few omissions:Neil Diamond Hot August Night Sinatra Live at the Sands Grand Funk Railroad ,YesSongs,ELP Welcome back my friends. Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo Nanci Griffith Live ,Joni Mitchell Miles of Aisles, CSN&Y 4 Way Street, Jackson Browne Miles Davis Live at the Fillmore ,ill stop because there many, many, more but Ill close with the biggest omission Judy Garland Live at Carnegie Hall oh and The Band Rock of Ages

I think a live album should at least convey the feeling of a live show. A live compilation like the Bruce Springsteen collection would definitely not be in my top 25. He has made more impressive live recordings.

Now available on CD and vinyl via BMG in a variety of formats, the 50th anniversary reissue features remastered audio (stereo), new liner notes by Andy Neil, a 60 page book, demos, live cuts, acoustic tracks and more.

In the internet era, as artists struggle to monetize recorded music, live performance has become more important than ever. With concerts off the table indefinitely amidst pandemic, many continue to struggle. 041b061a72


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