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The Circle Of Light

Hoosiers participated in Downtown's unique Circle of Lights in various ways this year. Our talented vocalists, musicians and entertainers from all around Central Indiana submitted auditions in the Tom Wood Talent Search to be honored as a performers at this fun-filled event. Prior to the holiday season kick-off, our dedicated IBEW 481 volunteers strung 52 garland strands with 4,784 colored lights on the Monument while Victory stood tall as the "tree" topper. Indy locals also volunteered in clean-up crews as well as during the ceremony to assist with directions, hospitality and more.

The Circle Of Light

Holiday explorers, shoppers, and foodies will be able to enjoy Circle of Lights the entire holiday season as the Soldiers and Sailors Monument will be festively lit from Nov. 25 to Jan. 13. So come one, come all and discover the magic that Downtown Indy has to offer this holiday season. Get ready for live music, special holiday pop-ups, and festive food and beverages all over Downtown Indianapolis. Take in the lights, as you immerse yourself in a show, dinner, or carriage ride and be part of the history of Downtown, Indianapolis' urban core.

At The Trevor Project, our circle of volunteers, counselors, staff, and donors share a vision to help young LGBTQ people find their light and build an equitable world. As a community of care, we work to provide 24/7 support to LGBTQ young people in crisis, and help ensure that every young LGBTQ person feels seen, loved, and accepted. Donors are an essential part of the organization, and integral to how The Trevor Project thrives. To advance this work and our mission of ending suicide among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning young people, The Trevor Project is excited to introduce the Circle of Light, our community of donating supporters.

Family of circular ceiling-mounted recessed luminaires, which are totally integrated owing to Soft Architecture technology. The Circle of Light is comprised of an outer frame made with composite that houses a metal structure. This, in turn, acts as support for the latest generation LED spotlights. Its lenses optimise the luminous performance of the luminaire together with anti-glare cones that guarantee high visual comfort.

There is a circle of N > 2 lights with a switch next to each of them. Each switch can be flipped between two positions, thereby toggling the on/off states of three lights: its own and the two lights adjacent to it. Initially, all the lights are off. Design an algorithm for turning all the lights on by flipping the minimum number of switches.

Solution:Since all the lights are off initially, it is obvious that the final state of the lights depends only on the parity(odd or even) of the number of times each switch is flipped and does not depend on the order in which the switches are manipulated. To turn on a light, we can either flip its switch and leave the adjacent switches off, or we flip all the three switches, for a group of three lights. Assuming the lights are numbered from 1 to N in the clockwise order, we have two cases.

Blake: Honestly, preparation begins as soon as we take the lights down each January. The retirees get a rough count on the lamps that will need to be ordered. The ordering is usually done in March. Typically, in October, the retirees take all the stringers to the Fair Grounds and inspect each stringer to make sure that all the lamps are working, and that each stringer works properly. Then on the second Saturday in November, the members of IBEW 481 gather at the Circle to string the lights up.

These clouds contain millions of tiny ice crystals. The halos you see are caused by both refraction, or splitting of light, and also by reflection, or glints of light from these ice crystals. The crystals have to be oriented and positioned just so with respect to your eye, in order for the halo to appear.

There is a technical easter egg hidden in the Circles of Light stage. During any video segment other than the Chuck E. Live segments or the musical acts, there are three circles that are always changing color while the others remain a single color. Pressing the color changing circle in the center under the screen will cause the stage to flash and shimmer.

Musical acts will add to the holiday energy with live performances throughout the night. At 7:50 p.m., Santa will flip the switch to illuminate Monument Circle with the help of a child chosen through the AES Indiana Coloring Contest. How do you make the evening even better? Cap off the lighting of the Monument with a grand finale of fireworks, of course.

The Circles of Light are the patterns of white lights on the roof/ceiling of the City. They are likely supposed to represent the stars in a real night sky. Due to their tiny size and their distance high up above the city, these lights provide little to no meaningful light, as seen by the dark streets of the non-inhabited areas of the city below.

Swanito, found in the Slums, seems fascinated by these lights. He is always found on a rooftop either lying down watching the "sky", or looking through a "Starfluxor 20002" telescope at them. Several of his interactions are about the Circles of Light, specifically:

Group prayer with this singleness of purpose opens the soul to Divine Love, attracts the Highest Angelic Beings, generates great Light and healing energy beneficial both to those praying and those for whom they pray. Spirits from many levels are drawn to the Light and receive many blessings that help them on their spiritual journey. Each prayer circle has the potential to contribute to a global, interconnected network of Light through which Healing comes to the world and all creation.

In summary, we find people who may be strangers or those within our networks with whom we feel a resonance that prompts us to invite them to our prayer circle. Word spreads, others come, and all are welcome!

Most circles begin small and can be comfortably accommodated in the home of the host/hostess. If this is the case, the host/hostess will arrange seating in a circle, paying attention to temperature, lighting, reduction of distracting noises, turning off phones and cell phones, perhaps placing a note at the entrance to ensure privacy by indicating that meditation is in progress.

These vary from group to group, as they are shaped by the participants themselves. In Frankfurt, for example, the group begins promptly at the agreed upon time by reading a channeled message or a prayer, playing a short piece of classical piano music, followed by everyone in the circle saying their name while the others send him/her love. Then group members join hands, chimes are sounded by one person and the group goes into silent prayer for about half an hour. Someone takes responsibility to sound the chimes to signal the end of prayer time. Shortly after, people may begin sharing their experiences, followed by socializing with tea and cookies.

Some participants ready themselves for the prayer by eating lightly or not at all on the day of the gathering. All are encouraged to prepare by making an extra effort to keep their thoughts positive and to pray for everyone in the group.

When we meet to pray, our prayers and the light generated attract many in spirit who are seeking. They learn from us and from the Angels who assist and guide us. We too, learn from one another as we converse about our prayer lives, our personal challenges and the insights we are gaining.

The power of a circle, a circle that draws Gods blessings into its midst may accomplish many things, many blessings and will afford a great channel of light into this world of yours. This channel of light will benefit not only those of you who are mortals, but those in spirit as well. For the light that is created through these efforts may be seen far and wide in the world of spirit and brings a curiosity and an attention to this light. For it is far brighter than any energy any light that one may see on this earth plane in any great measure. This brings the attention of those who are in the lower spheres and thus the angels may use to help draw in lost souls on both sides of the veil, to assist them in their efforts and struggles towards light.

Truth may be spoken in this circle and truth is a catalyst for change within the mind and the soul. Love pours into this circle which uplifts all who are present and for those who indeed follow the way to receive this love they indeed benefit from increased quantities and blessings of this love while in prayer. Healing comes as one prays in the circle of light, healing of the heart, healing of the body, so many aspects of healing are available in these circles. It is our desire to build portals of light wherever there is the possibility of sustaining this condition and this facility to bring these greater blessings forth in your world. Yes there is a great effort in your world to increase the light and God reaches out to as many beautiful children whose souls have a deep desire to serve in this way, to be in this light, to receive this blessing that is of the Father, his Love.


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