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Pokemon Egglocke Sav [UPD]

Like KRLW890 said you swap every Pokemon with an egg. Usually how this works is you get a ton of eggs and put them into your PC. Every time you catch a Pokemon you switch that Pokemon with an egg and hatch the egg. After hatching the egg, you would level it up it to the level of the Pokemon you swapped it with by using rare candies. To get the eggs you could ask friends to trade them to you, use a Pokemon ROM that has an egglocke feature, or ask people to gen the eggs in for you.

Pokemon Egglocke Sav

Is there a minimum of eggs I should generate? Also, are duplicates allowed? And once you copy and paste the data from the egg file to the egglocke document, can you delete each generated egg from the egg file, or does it have to stay in both places?

Thank you for the help. I appreciate it, since I felt stupid asking so many questions. I feel like a noob. I keep getting the error I posted earlier. What am I doing wrong? Here is the file I have in the egglocke folder:


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