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How to Disable and Enable button in lightning:datatable based on Row Value

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

lightning:databale is salesforce base component to display collection of records in a well formatted way

There are times we may need to perform some dynamic actions around the row actions based on row values. Well this can be achieved by adding disabled attribute to your row actions

Lets take a look

{type: "button", typeAttributes: {
                label: 'View',
                name: 'View',
                title: 'View',
                disabled: { fieldName: 'disableButton'},
                value: 'view',
                iconPosition: 'left'

{fieldName : "disableButton"} assign the disableButton field to your recordset with true or false

When lightning datatable renders it checks the field value at row level , if the disableButton is true / false based on that it will enable or disable the row actions.

You add new attribute to your return value by doing foreach on the returnValues();

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